VR Scribble is a web based Virtual Reality multiplayer scribbling app. It makes use of just two phones, to serve as the VR display, and controller. A headset like the Gear VR to mount one of the phones into is required, though there are plenty of cheap alternatives like Google's Cardboard which also work.
Rooms and profiles

A room system is used to keep everyone together, and user profiles are used to identify everyone and their controllers.

Once logged in enter a room name to join or create.

Need two phones

With one phone, join the viewer page, and the other the controller page. The viewer will show you the VR stuff, and the other is used to draw with. If you see your cursor moving around, everything is working ok.

Move phone to draw

To start drawing, tap on the controller phone's screen. Hold while moving it around to draw.

Use voice commands

Make sure you tap accept for voice input (chrome may prompt you for it, first). Speak clearly into the microphone. The available voice commands are listed here, at the bottom.

The options menu

Once the options bar is brought up, the controller phone's movements are used to navigate left and right through the options, and up or down through sliders

User area

Here you can find the screenshots taken from the options menu. You can delete, download, and share to Facebook from here. You can also click the edit pencil to continue where you or someone else left off.

The voice commands

Brings up the options bar, or closes it
Returns you to drawing by closing the options bar and/or the colour sphere, including sliders
Undo your last drawn stroke
Redo your undo strokes
Brings up the colour sphere
Brings up the opacity slider
Brings up the thickness slider
Saves a screenshot of the canvas into the user area

Room does not exist. Why not create it?
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